Use of hydrogen in classic internal combustion engines.

On this page, I report a list of scientific and technical documents regarding the use of molecular hydrogen in classic internal combustion engines. Practically, use hydrogen to enrich hydrocarbon fuels to increase combustion efficiency, improve engine performance, and make the engine cleaner during operation, thus less carbon deposit in combustion chambers and exhaust ducts, decrease … Leggi tutto

Nikola Tesla “Battery Switch” (2/n)

So, here we are at the second article on Tesla’s device for self-sustaining battery regeneration. This time I will show the circuits developed and built by other experimenters. Below is the diagram of the circuit built by John Bedini Below, however, the circuit built by Ronald Brandt… S1, S2, S3 and S4 are solid-state switches … Leggi tutto

John Bedini – schemi e guide tecniche

In questo articolo esporrò alcuni documenti, idee, progetti, dispositivi e brevetti del grande ingegnere elettronico John Bedini (scomparso il 5 Novembre 2016) che a iniziare dagli anni 70, partendo dalle idee e teorie di Nikola Tesla è riuscito a costruire molteplici e variegati dispositivi “free energy”. John Bedini è stato per me una luminosa guida, … Leggi tutto

Nikola Tesla “Battery Switch” (1/n)

Preface I report below information extracted from the book “Free Energy”, information that gave me interesting technical and scientific ideas to build a new completely re-engineered version of these “Tesla Battery Switch” devices. There are numerous and different technological ideas to build a “Tesla Battery Switch” device but the realization is complex, it is not … Leggi tutto